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According to the most recent human trafficking report from the U.S. State Department, how many people worldwide live as slaves, subjected to forced labor and sexual exploitation? *

Which is more common: sex trafficking or labor trafficking? *

According to the State Department, how many successful prosecutions of traffickers were conducted in 2009? *

The U.N.'s Palermo Protocol said that the governmental response to human trafficking should be the "3 P's." What are the three P's? *

Which major website did human trafficking advocacy groups target in the late 2000s, claiming that it was a venue in which human traffickers were able to sexually exploit girls and women? *

Often, traffickers will tell their victims that they must work as a prostitute or a manual laborer until they've repaid money owed for travel to a new country. What is this practice called? *

When was the United States' Trafficking Victims Protection Act passed? *

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